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Dear Loyal Walnut Ridge Christmas Family

Exciting things are happening at Walnut Ridge this Christmas!! After more than 60 years in the Christmas business, we have decided to change the way we do Christmas at the Ridge. We want to re-focus our efforts and return to a more simple and traditional Christmas this year. As one of our preferred customers, you are among the first to hear the news.

As you know, Walnut Ridge has the most talented and hardest working Christmas elves who have worked tirelessly to create special Christmas memories for generations of families. We suddenly find our elves are centuries older and with Santa’s blessing, they will start their plans to retire to the Silver Belle Elf Retirement Community in the southern part of the North Pole.

The process of changing Christmas traditions will be supervised by the elder elves from start to finish. The elves in training will assist this year as we begin our efforts to deplete the shelves of inventory and provide you with some unbelievable deals!!

Although you won’t see as many elaborate displays as in years past, we will continue all of the traditional services such as bow making, wreath decorating, custom arrangements, poinsettia wrapping, etc. As always, Santa will arrive by fire truck on Saturday, November 28th at noon. He will also be in the store for individual visits with our youngest customers each Sunday from 1-3 pm.

We appreciate our loyal customers and want you to take advantage of this exciting opportunity to add to your Christmas décor without having to wait for the after Christmas discounts. Check out the dates and savings schedule listed below.


50-70% OFF all trees, wreaths and garlands

60% OFF selected ornaments and trim-a-tree items
Sale prices exclude Manager Specials and selected collectables


November 7th AND 8th ONLY
Take an additional 10% OFF these ridiculously low closeout prices!


  • Santa Arrives by Fire Truck
    Saturday, November 28 at noon
  • "Dress up" Tea Party for Little Girls and Grandmas
    For grandmas (any age) and little girls (ages 4-10). Limited seating. 
    Please call for reservations: 812-288-6691
    Cost $10 per person
    Sunday, November 29th 1pm and 3pm
    Sunday, December 6th 1pm and 3pm
  • Santa Pajama Party
    For children ages 2-8. Limited seating - Please call for reservations
    Friday, December 18th 7pm
    Cost $10.00 per child
  • Design Classes
    Limited seating - Please call for reservations 812-288-6691
    Saturday, December 5th - Fresh Porch Pots - 10 am Cost: $30.00
    Saturday, December 12th - Fresh Swags - 10 am Cost: $30.00
  • Bow Making Class
    Saturday, November 21st - 2pm Cost: $5.00
    Saturday, November 28th - 2pm Cost: $5.00