Creating New Christmas Traditions at Walnut Ridge

Creating New Christmas Traditions at Walnut Ridge

Walnut Ridge Nursery and Garden Center has been in the Christmas TRIM A TREE business for well over 60 years. Many times we’ve changed our direction with the times to keep the Walnut Ridge Christmas traditions, experiences for kids, as well as our cherished adult patrons both exciting and exclusive over the years.

ONCE AGAIN WE ARE CHANGING DIRECTIONS! We are moving back to our roots and going to be reclaiming the Christmas traditions of our earlier years to provide an old-fashioned Christmas garden center experience you can’t find anywhere else. There will be less artificial and more traditional, fresh, and live choices for your decor as well as our quality Walnut Ridge exclusives that you can’t find anywhere else.

● Walnut Ridge hand-tied custom made bows and ribbons

● Live container Christmas be used in the house and then planted in your yard

● Live wreaths, garlands, and greenery

● Fresh custom evergreen holiday porch pots

● Fontanini and Old World Christmas collectibles

● Walnut Ridge custom designed wreaths and arrangements

● Walnut Ridge Custom made cemetery saddles and cans

Of course we will continue sharing the gift of family traditions of our exclusive Christmas design classes, Tea Parties, Kids parties and of course our special Santa visits! 

OUR PREFERRED CUSTOMERS can take advantage of our change in direction by getting the first opportunity at our liquidation of discounted Christmas merchandise! This mainly consists of artificial Christmas trees, wreaths, and garlands as well as our beloved unique Trim a tree Christmas ornaments, decorations and collectibles. It will go fast, so don’t miss out!

Save the date- Opening Weekend Preferred Customer Club Preview Sale - November 4th and 5th

Then.....we are moving into a new era of Christmas at the Ridge!

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