Help Your Plants Beat the Heat with Watering Basics in August

Help Your Plants Beat the Heat with Watering Basics in August

Keep Watering Through Late Summer

It can get HOT in August, here in the Ohio River Valley. When you are parched and you feel like you need a cold glass of water ... so do your plants. Now that you have done such a great job of getting your trees, shrubs and perennials planted, growing and blooming through the green seasons of Spring and early Summer, let's be sure they stay healthy through the Winter by watering through Late Summer and into the Fall. 

It certainly seems like there could be nothing simpler than "watering", but it could be too much or too little depending on the needs of the plant. Here are some tips from your friends at Walnut Ridge to help ensure that your lawn and plants get the hydration they need for staying healthy through next Spring.

Watering 101

The key to effective and healthy watering, particularly for newly planted trees, shrubs and plants, is a slow deep soaking, so it gets all the way down to the roots. Lay the end of a garden hose near the base of the root ball and let the water trickle out. The water coming out should be about the size of your pinkie finger. Follow the chart below to see how much and how often you should water your new tree / shrub.

    Plant Type and Size

    Watering Times

    How Often

    Container Shrubs & Small
    B&B plants

    3-4 minutes

    Every 3-4 days

    Large Shrubs, trees with
    1.5” caliper, 6-8’ evergreens

    20-30 minutes

    Every 4-5 days

    Trees, 1.5” - 2.5” Caliper,
    8-12’ evergreens

    40-60 minutes

    Every 4-7 days

    Trees 3” Caliper,
    12’+ evergreens

    60-90 minutes

    Every 4-7 days

    Helpful Hints

    • Look for signs of water stress like wilting or dropping foliage, changes in leaf color, burning or browning leaf tips/needles. 
    • Hot & Dry Indiana summers make it important to monitor new plantings and follow these guidelines for at least 2 seasons. 
    • Watering times and frequency should be adjusted based on the season and weather conditions.

    Questions? We are happy to help! Call your horticultural experts at Walnut Ridge Nursery -- 812-288-6691 -- and let us know what you're experiencing. We'll do all we can do diagnose and help you treat any plants in distress.

    Next ... we'll talk about Fall Planting! But first, let's enjoy and finish Summer by going 'back to school' on the basics of healthy watering basics for your lawns and plants.